Sport And Nature

In every season, nature in the mountains offers different scenery, colours, smells and sounds. Each season presents a new way to experience nature through sport, such as skiing, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, canyoning, horse-riding and many more.

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Winter sports

The Brembana Valley in winter is a white wonderland offering numerous activities on snow dedicated to ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Well tended downhill pistes areas equipped for Alpine and Cross-country skiing as well as places for Ski-mountaineering and Snowshoeing. Winter sports offer something for everyone.



Are you a thrill seeker? In the Brembana Valley you can find numerous ways to send shivers down your spine, all surrounded by the splendid alpine scenery. Whether solo or in a company, activities such as; water sports, horse riding, paragliding and much, much more.



"Everything you can possibly imagine, nature has already created” said Einstein and often there is nothing left to do but stand open-mouthed in front of the beauty of the Brembana Valley


By bicycle

21 km of cyclepath and many bikeable trails. Routes for all levels of fitness andtechnical ability waiting for two-wheel enthusiasts. What are youwaiting for? You’llbe spoilt for choice!



The Brembana Valley is the ideal place for those who love sports and walking. There are numerous paths for all, from short easy walks through ancient village centres to more difficult longer ones which cross mountain peaks. From spring to autumn, immersed in nature you can find hiking for, excursions rich with emotion and thousands of colours.


Extreme sports

Do you love extreme sport? You are in the right place to test your limits.