If you are looking for healthy rest and relaxation to regain your energy then in the Brembana Valley you’ll find shelter from the chaos, fatigue and daily toil of modern life. A green oasis bathed in silence where you’ll be welcomed and cared for. The famous curative powers of San Pellegrino’s spa waters and the centres dedicated to your wellbeing with their numerous treatments for your body are only some of the excellences which have led to the valley’s centuries-old fame and attracted the studies of professionals from the field of wellbeing for the body and mind. In the Brembana Valley you will find everything you could possibly desire to re-energise yourself.

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Thermal baths

Take a thermal bath in one of the most famous places in the world in the history of spas . QC San Pellegrino Terme, offers over 6,000 square metres of well-being to be enjoyed amongst fully restored frescoes, columns and ceilings dating back to the early twentieth century all carefully entwined with modern architectural projects and design.



What better way to pamper the body and mind than directly in a hotel? Discover the hotels which provide wellness centers and a living experience of unforgettable relaxation.