Villages And Traditions

The saying goes that every cloud has its silver lining… and this is very true of the Brembana Valley! The abandoned villages have lain undisturbed for centuries and can therefore be admired today in still much their original state.

The itineraries in the valley

From the Venetian period to the Belle Époque

This itinerary is a veritable trip through history and its architecture, the fascination of how stone was fashioned in each period with taste and craftsmanship that seems lost today, despite the advantages of modern technology. Many events connected with illustrious guests, mysterious happenings and ambitious projects seem far removed from the present, even though some only occurred little more than a century ago. So we set out to discover San Pellegrino Terme of the Belle Époque, rural, peaceful Bracca , once a competitor in terms of mineral water, and finally Serina - Venetian, religious and artistic. This itinerary is by car, but may also induce you to take side-trips on foot through the natural beauty of the lower Brembana Valley and Serina Valley on interesting, effortless walks.
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The places and the activity

Sanpellegrino SpA

San Pellegrino Terme - Ruspino

Frasnito district

San Pellegrino Terme - Frasnito

Grand Hotel

San Pellegrino Terme

Valtorta - Bolgià

San Giovanni Bianco

San Giovanni Bianco

San Giovanni Bianco

San Giovanni Bianco

San Giovanni Bianco - Oneta

San Giovanni Bianco

The offers and the structures

The Holiday House of Harlequin

The Holiday House of Harlequin

The Holiday House of Harlequin is located inside the historical Palazzo Grataroli, in the charming medieval village of Oneta (San Giovanni Bianco - BG).The palace is home not only to the holiday house, but also to the Museum - House of Harlequin, which hosts every year thousands of visitors intrigued by the legendary history of the mask of Harlequin, which seems to have its origins right here.The structure has been recently restored and refurbished, it has a double bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen with a sofa bed. What are you waiting for?Harlequin is looking forward to welcoming you to his home.

The events in program

31 October 2021

Camerata Cornello
14 November 2021

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21 November 2021

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05 December 2021

Camerata Cornello
12 December 2021

Camerata Cornello
19 December 2021

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