Mount Gioco

Hiking track
  • Lenght (mt.)
  • Duration (h)
  • Difficulty
    Mountain hiking
  • Height (mt.)
    892 - NA


First of all we will point out the shortest way to reach the top of Mount Gioco: climb from Spettino and then follow the tarmacked road which goes to Spettino Alto (high) until you reach Forcella (1073 m) where it ends. Here, in the middle of the meadows, you find the steep path which leads to the top where a cross is placed. Mount Gioco is 1366 metres high and offers a splendid view over the Serina valley and Orobian foothills as well as being the border between the districts of Serina, Dossena and San Pellegrino. It is often also referred to as Mount Zucco, which is in fact most likely the original name, however the similarity in sound between Soc (zucco) and Zoc (game) in Bergamask caused locals to call it Mount Gioco (game) in order to distinguish it from another Mount called with the same name.

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