Mount Zucco

Hiking track
  • Lenght (mt.)
  • Duration (h)
  • Difficulty
    Alpine hiking
  • Height (mt.)
    694 - 623


Take the road from the area of the church to the Alpini-mountain shelter in Foppette and from just above here take the first path on the left and experience the most beautiful, tiring and difficult trail of the whole map: the panoramic path of mount Zucco which rises in almost a direct line to the cross on the mountain peak at 1232m. The slope is very steep. Looking up from below you can form an idea of the path by using, first the radio repeater panels and then the electricity pylons as points of reference. Most of the path is formed from steps cut into the earth where at certain points you must use your hands to aid you in scrambling up the rocks. The path is strenuous and at times a little exposed but the hard work is amply compensated with scenic views of San Pellegrino Terme, the Orobian foothills and the Rhaetian Alps as well as the sense of satisfaction gained from reaching the peak


Due to the characteristics of the route it is advised to only climb the route and not descend, descend from one of the other routes such as the well signed path which runs down the Merlanga Valley.

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