Mountain Shelter Capanna 2000 – Summit Of Grem - Zambla Pass

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    1466 - NA


This route forms of a loop and follows the slopes of Mount Arera and Mount Grem, two famous Orobian peaks. From Valpiana ride towards Oltre il Colle and then Zambla Alta, pass Plassa and a wooden artistic structure, continue on to the mountain shelter S.A.B.A where a wide path starts leading you up to Capanna 2000. From the shelter follow the CAI 237 path, take the track leading to the Zuccone of Grem hut. Pass mountain hut Camplano and amongst the meadows and blooms of edelweiss push your bike up to the summit of Mount Grem where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Orobian Prealps. Once back on the path remount and keeping left ride on the 263 along a short grassy ridge towards mountain hut Mistri. Keeping to the opposite ridge towards the Terza Baita di Grem descend along a track towards two houses. Following the CAI 223 you reach Sinele, take the track back to Passo di Zambla. Return to Valpiana along the cross-country skiing piste through Pian della Palla and Pian della Mussa.


A little known route in the high mountains reserved for alpine bikers. Full suspension is advised. A large part of the route requires you push your bike (from the mountain hut Zuccone hardly any riding can be done). Whilst navigating some of difficult-to-orientate intersections follow the direction indicated by the orange markers.

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    OC - Ottime capacità tecniche
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