San Pellegrino In The Saddle

MTB track
  • Lenght (mt.)
  • Duration (h)
  • Difficulty
  • Height (mt.)
    936 - NA


This route on the slopes of the mountains above San Pellegrino Terme takes you adventuring into mid-valley Brembana. From the car park in Via Piazzo you cycle on the former railway which is today a cycle path, pass the Grand Hotel and continue towards Cà de Rizzi and San Giovanni Bianco. Follow directions for Cornalita and reach Val Grande passing ' Terre rosse ', you then descend along an animal track to Fuipiano al Brembo. Here you can enjoy beautiful scenic views of the valley before passing between Paccacorna, Cà Brusàde, Alino, Vettarola and Cà Nova, then climb up the side of Mount Molinasco to Sussia. The itinerary then descends past Santella di Madrera to the Borlezza Valley. A dirt road parallel to the river takes you to Aplecchio before continuing to the small bridge of the old funicular railway. Further down you arrive at the casino where you can admire its walls, before crossing the bridge and passing behind the Grand Hotel which brings this beautiful route to a close.


Whilst navigating some of difficult-to-orientate intersections follow the direction indicated by the orange markers

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    MC - Medie capacità tecniche
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  • Praticability

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