Alpine Pasture Trail

Via Ronchetto


The agro-sylvo-pastoral reality of the Roncobello territory dates back more than a millennium.
The peculiar characteristics of these pasture lands are built up by a variety of valuable herbaceous essences. For this reason, for several centuries now, high-altitude settlements have been developed to allow proper use of the pastures in the summer months with the construction of huts and refuges, many of which have a room accessible to passing hikers to allow them occasional shelter from the weather. The entire alpine pasture refers to the main malga of Mezzeno, as it is the most accessible, the best equipped and where direct sales of the products made on site are carried out.
Below are the mountain pasture huts of the Mezzeno basin:
-Baita di Caprarizzo: used in summer by the keepers of a flock of sheep and goats that roam the high pastures of the area.
-Baita di Branchino: used by passing shepherds and as a shelter for hikers.
-Baita del Foppo: located along the path that leads to the Laghi Gemelli (Twin Lakes), during the summer period it is home to the alpine herdsmen who live there and produce cheese.
-Baita della Croce: used by the people in case of rain and as a shelter for passing hikers.
-Monte Campo hut: used in June-September by the keepers of a flock of sheep and goats that use the high pastures in the area. Built between the 18th and 19th centuries and renovated over the years, it has an accessible room as a shelter for passing hikers.
-Baita dei tre Pizzi: perhaps the most dilapidated, it is also the highest mountain hut in the mountain pasture. It is used by the herdsmen when it rains and as an occasional shelter for passing hikers.