B. Belotti Street

Via Bortolo Belotti
Piazza Brembana


Starting with the centre of the "four streets", you travel Bortolo Belotti street, the first bypass of Piazza Brembana built in 1901 to overtake the ups and downs of the historic town's street. Belotti street is the centre of the village and bears the stamp of constructive innovation of turn of the 20th century in big buildings and public edifices, in big hotels and villas that in modern and rich manner present the originality of the stone cement that is wrought and hammered, enriched by decorations Liberty style, on the wave of the big innovation brought with the develop of San Pellegrino Terme and reinterpreted by the art of Francesco Albera and Eugenio Goglio, best known as the artist photographer of the valley. You can see the offices of the "Banca Credito Bergamasco", the Rho villa (surrounded by a garden and it's in front of "Posta" café), the ex "Posta"  hotel (because now it's just bar and B&B), the headquarter of the "Popoular
Bank of Bergamo", the ex Alpines hotel (now it's just a café), the war memorial (designed by eng. Luigi Angelini) and the Piazza Brembana hotel. Belotti Street is a real boulevard of the beginning of 1900.