Cathedral Of Trees

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This is a memorial to the creative dedication of Guiliano Mauri, dec. 2009, who put so much passion into the planning stages, finding a spot of such intense beauty on the slopes and upper reaches of the Arera. It comprises 3 naves of 80 columns of interwoven branches, 12 m high and 1 m in diameter. A young carpinus betulus was placed inside each one. It was completed in 2011, in an isolated, intimate location from which to enjoy views of the peaks of the Arera, Alben, Menna and Grem mountains as well as the surrounding valleys. It is easily accessible on foot even for inexperienced hikers. The size, transparency and structure remind one of a gothic cathedral and also serve as a natural theatre where events and plays are held, a meeting place providing educational opportunities to develop a renewed respect between man and nature.