Cornello Dei Tasso Village

Cornello Dei Tasso
Camerata Cornello


Cornello is a medieval village whose name is linked to the ancient Tasso family known all over the world for the famous poet Torquato Tasso and for the entrepreneurial ability of some representative who starting from 1500 managed Asburgo's imperial poatal service.
During the Medieval Times Cornello village was an important point of passage and business exchange for people and goods thanks to Via Mercatorum, the Merchants Road, which linked Bergamo to Valtellina and linked some of the most important centre among Valle Brembana.
Starting from 1592 the village was isolated. It happened due to the construction of a new road, Via Priula, which the Venetian government wanted in order to link directly Bergamo and Valtellina without passing through Spanish territories. In fact the new road passed through valley floor and closed off the village from drivability. This was the beginning of a long period of decline for the village. The isolation facilitated the conservation of its original urban structure which nowadays, except for some reshuffle dated back to Mid-Twentieth Century, appears with its Medieval characteristic. This qualification allowed Cornello to be listed among "The most beautiful Village in Italy".