Hydroelectric Power Station

Via Sottocorna
San Pellegrino Terme


Between 1907 and 1908 the Orobic power station was constructed, producing 2.3 kw of electrical power from a 16 m height difference in water which was drawn from a canal in San Giovanni Bianco. The canal was 4 km long of which 2.5 km were tunnel and enabled a water flow of 10 m2 per second. The station supplied electricity to a number of factories in both the Brembana Valley and Lecco. Another important building project completed in the Art Nouveau style though not connected to either the power station or tourism was the water bottling factory. Created in 1905 and equipped with semi-automatic machinery, which replaced the formerly fully manual operation, the new factory nevertheless employed sixty. From the 1960s the water flow was diverted to the beginning of the town where the modern day factory still stands. At the beginning of the millennium the old establishment was disassembled to make way for the re-launch of new touristic/spa project.