Nature Trails

Via Ronchetto


The area offers several noteworthy naturalistic points, which can be visited by means of the paths that start from Roncobello and its hamlets. Along the itinerary you can admire:
1. Corna Buca: an interesting rock formation on the slopes of Mount Pizzo, clearly visible from the road leading to the village.
2. Buco el Castello: an abyss that reaches a height of less than 422m from the entrance and an overall, mainly vertical development of about 2620m.
3. The century-old beech tree (see card)
4. The silver fir (see information sheet)
5. Ball game: a large clearing near the Vendulo chapel. In the 1950s, it was used as a rudimentary football pitch and family picnic destination; today, immersed in the woods, it remains a destination for easy nature walks.
6. Porta delle Cornacchie: rocky ridges located on the watershed between the municipality of Roncobello and Isola di Fondra, from which you can see the entire valley.
7. Peak of Baresi
8. Laghetto di Pietra quadra: a spectacular mountain lake set among the rocks, not infrequently found with patches of snow still on the edges, even in July.
9. Laghi Gemelli (Twin Lakes): formed by the artificial union of two formerly separate lakes, due to the insertion of a dam built for hydroelectric exploitation.
10. Lake Branchino: present on an area used for grazing, it is a small lake with a muddy bottom that characterises the landscape.