Piazzatorre Ski Area

Via Monte Secco, 15


The ski area "Torcola Vaga" offers ski slopes with different grades of difficulty to satisfy the pleasure of each skier and snowboarder.
From the steep slopes, to soft ones on fresh snow among trees and natural glimpse of the most beautiful ones in Brembana Valley. Beyond alpine skiing, snowboard and different slopes suitable for the increasingly practice of freeride on fresh snow, it has also numerous itineraries suitable for the ski mountaineering absolutly safely and for funny stroll with showshoes.
Skiing in Piazzatorre, surrounded by a compelling landscape among woods and peaks is something indescribable and wonderful that everyone should experience. That's why, thanks to the support of the instructors, the learning and improvement of your technique is guaranteed.
For beginners, and not just, the ski school offers different qualified instructors, whereas for breaks waiting for you comfortable shelter and refreshment stand on ski slopes of Torcole. Amazing mountain environment, excellent cooking, relax, sport and amusement are the main ingredients that characterize a perfect holiday in Piazzatorre, in Brembana Valley.
For groups are organised fascinating and unforgettable proposal as the evenings of full moon on skis or showshoes, with a delicious traditional dinner in shelter.