Porta Delle Cornacchie - Cima Baresi

Via Ronchetto


Porta delle Cornacchie is a rocky ridge at about 1200 m, formed by 11 boulders of reddish porphyry, 2.5 to 3 metres high, lined up on the edge of a precipice, into which two of these boulders seem to have fallen, creating an opening in the 'wall', from which the name 'Porta delle Cornacchie' would originate. The boulders are almost regularly arranged and what characterises them is the clean cut that divides them. But the really strange thing is the fact that the whole complex rests on a base of sandstone, a material that has absolutely nothing to do with porphyry.
All this has led to a series of hypotheses about their origin, which may not be natural but derived from the hand of man. The historian Santagiuliana from Treviso, in 1963, had already hypothesised them as a possible megalithic structure, modelled for defensive and/or religious purposes by a very ancient civilisation that populated these areas. They stand on the watershed between Roncobello and Isola di Fondra.


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