Speranza House

Viale Della Vittoria
San Pellegrino Terme


1908 was a record year with over 40,000 visitors. It is therefore not surprising that the town boomed with tens of structures being built host the guests along with numerous private houses constructed by the wealthy from nearby Milan. Even the newspaper the Corriere di San Pellegrino writes in 1904 of the supreme return on capital investment offered through this property boom. The main houses rise along Viale della Vittoria near to the start of the funicular railway which travel up to the exclusive residence called the Vetta (the peak) as well as above the Grand Hotel in the area known as Belvedere and Pernazzaro near to the spring. Apart from the clean air and the mineral springs which the town offered, entertainment also went a long way to attract affluent guests and included concerts, magnificent balls, cricket, lawn tennis, horse riding, football and skating