Via Tagliata


Tagliata has a famous past and is located along the first mule trail built in medieval times in the Serina Valley, the Via Mercatorum. Historically it was very important, had its own council, the cemetery in Ponticello, the church in Coregn and the priest’s house. There were brickworks where the clay soil was made into bricks. Today few people live there but it comes alive in the summer. In the past there was a close community of large families. Being on the road between Serina and Cornalba, Tagliata was quite a distance from the parish church in Costa so the people started their own church. The current church was built in 1836 on the site of an older chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. It is very plain with a small belfry with 3 bells. There is a statue of Our Lady of Sorrows above the altar.