Tour Of Castello Della Regina

Località Cavaglia
Val Brembilla


An itinerary suitable for everyone, with only a few more challenging and exposed sections on the coast of the Castello della Regina, which are amply rewarded by the panorama over the Brembilla, Imagna and Brembana valleys and the entire plain.

The itinerary starts from the historic village of Cavaglia, which is perfectly preserved, and climbs towards the crags of Monte Corno and from there to the summit of Castello della Regina, from where, following the panoramic ridge, it continues to Pizzo Cerro and the Lupi di Brembilla hut. After a stop at the refuge, the itinerary continues with the descent, passing through two of the most beautiful historic villages in the entire Brembilla valley, Crosnello and Catremerio.
The return route starts from Catremerio and gently winds its way along the path that leads to the districts of Fienili del Cerro, Cadonzelli, Rudino, Foppa, Boscalone, Camerata and back to Cavaglia, among nature, small valleys and waterways, alternating with villages, farmhouses and animal shelters.
Travelling times
The approximate time for the excursion is 4 hours, it is however advisable to dedicate the whole day to the itinerary, making lunchtime coincide with the arrival at the Rifugio Lupi di Brembilla.
There are no major difficulties along the route, only the crossing of the steep slope of Castello della Regina is exposed. The total height difference to be overcome on the ascent is 1035 m.