Trekking And Walking In Camerata Cornello

Via Centro
Camerata Cornello


The wide expanses of meadows and woods, overlooked by the Cancervo and Venturosa mountains, are the ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts. There are numerous excursions through the low and high quarters of Camerata, enchanting walks along the famous Via Mercatorum and through the villages where the Tasso family built their imposing dwellings, and relaxing itineraries through the greenery of the Val Secca, making Camerata the ideal place for those who wish to satisfy their intellectual curiosity by accompanying it with pleasant excursions.

All the routes are accessible on foot and by bicycle, the ideal way to explore the area and discover new routes and territories.

- Contrade Alte: After another short and comfortable stretch that winds along the slopes of Venturosa, you enter the dense woods of Lunga and meet the foaming streams of Val Secca.
And then the Era and Cespedosio, the ancient farming villages where you can breathe in the air of times gone by, and further up, towards the alpine pastures of Campo, Campelli, Pra' del Monte and Baita Maffenoli. Everywhere silence and wide views of the valley floor.

- Contrade Basse: Another itinerary of naturalistic interest touches the Contrade Basse starting from Camerata Centro. Once you have reached Costa, follow an easy path through the woods as far as the tiny hamlet of Cornalita, from where you descend to Darco, a group of houses with an ancient feel that stands in the middle of a green and sunny plateau. Then the route divides into two directions: to the left, following a stretch of the Via Mercatorum, you descend to Baracca and the Goggia area, while to the right you reach the Fornace and the little church of the Saint, near Orbrembo. From Brembella, a very convenient mule track leads to Lavaggi and the Boffalora rock circle and then to the vast meadows of Ca' Bianca, Piazzeri and Torre, the remains of an ancient fortress in a dominant position.

-Ancient dwellings of the Tasso family: A beautiful itinerary winds along the districts where the presence of ancient dwellings of the Tasso family is documented. From Cornello you go up to the Tassi, then to Bretto, with its ancient houses, still marked by the coats of arms of the post masters, the small church that belonged to this family and, in the valley, the remains of the ancient mill that for centuries ground the grain of the local farmers.
The route then continues towards Voltola, where you meet the mule track that comes from Camerata, and then towards Garzani and Brembella, a hamlet lying in the sun at the foot of Cancervo.

- Val Secca: In spite of its name, Val Secca is an environment characterised by dense vegetation, with a prevalence of beech and hornbeam trees, and by the presence of an impetuous torrent that gives rise to many suggestive waterfalls. The itinerary starts from Orbrembo and reaches Camerata Centro, from where it branches off in two directions: one towards Voltola and then joins the path leading to Brembella; the other continues towards Bruga and then enters Val Secca. After crossing the stream on a beautiful Romanesque stone bridge, the mule track climbs towards the Rocagello huts and then forks off in two directions: towards the Era and Cespedosio districts.

-Cancervo and Venturosa: Those who prefer hiking in the mountains have the opportunity to explore the wide and varied scenery of Cancervo and Venturosa. The most common itinerary, rather easy and within everyone's reach, is the one that leaves the Brembella-Cespedosio carriage road at the height of the Boffalora rock circle, or a couple of kilometres further on, in the meadows of Ca' Bianca. Following a comfortable mule track, still well preserved, you will reach in half an hour the pastures of the Vecchia, after which the climb becomes more demanding and winds in a series of hairpin bends up to the Grialeggio pass (1707 m). From here the excursionist's choice can be diversified: continuing on the right, you can climb to the peak of Venturosa (1999 m) from where you can admire the most beautiful view of the valley: the most complete panorama of the villages of the upper Valle Brembana, the Orobie chain and, on clear days, the peaks of the Rhaetian Alps and the Bernese Oberland.
If you follow the flat path to the left, you will reach the Cancervo huts. From Grialeggio, it is also possible to head towards the Baciamorti Pass and take the Sentiero delle Orobie Occidentali. A shorter but very steep variant is the one that climbs to Cancervo starting from Piazzo, above Brembella and following the Canalino dei Sassi.
Each route has pleasant surprises in store, not only for the panorama, but also for the peculiarities of the calcareous-dolomitic environment, which favours the flowering of rare and sometimes endemic species of flora, and for the ease with which you can come across specimens of wild fauna: chamois, roe deer, partridge, black grouse and even the golden eagle, which reappeared in our mountains a few years ago.


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