Valle Terzera And Monte Cavallo

Monte Cavallo


Situated above the Ponte dell'Acqua basin, at the foot of Monte Cavallo, is the splendid and uncontaminated Terzera valley, visible from the road that climbs to the San Marco pass and reachable only by walking through green fir woods and high pastures. At the top of the valley is the San Simone pass, below which, on the Valleve side, the ski slopes unfold.
Monte Cavallo probably owes its name to the silhouette of a horse's head that can be glimpsed on its southern slope, especially after a snowfall.
With its cross at 2323 m, it towers over the whole of the Mezzoldo area: from its summit you can enjoy a breathtaking view that sweeps from the Matterhorn to and beyond the Bernina group.