Slow And Green Steps: Cornalba - Oltre Il Colle

Hiking track
  • Lenght (mt.)
  • Duration (h)
  • Difficulty
    Mountain hiking
  • Altitude (mt.)
    NA - 1500
  • Height (mt.)
    585 - 200


This itinerary will bring you in touch with nature. There are many green spaces with meadows where the peasants farmed and raised their livestock on the summer pastures. In towns such as Costa Serina, Cornalba and Oltre il Colle where industrial development had less of an impact, residential areas with simplistic, characteristic rustic architecture in local stone and wood bear silent witness to the hardships of rural life in times past. The Via Mercatorum is an ideal path through the memories, religious architecture, native plants and panoramic views of these wonderful mountains, treasures to be discovered on an easy nature walk. The ancient routes used by men for travel, trade and meetings are unequivocally unique and grant access to even the most remote locations.

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